If Hitler had the bomb


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What would have happened if hitler got the atomic bomb before the allies?
Well, he would have attempted to weaponize it instantly, or, use the prototype as a vengeance weapon, maybe a V4?

But how would this affect our world? If he got the nuke before January of '45, he would have been able to develop a nuke before his death, and before the death of his Reich.


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Probably we would have then seen a Cold War between Nazi Germany and the US. Maybe even a three-polar Cold War between US, Nazi Germany and the USSR (assuming Nazi Germany would have developed the nuke when the conventional warfare was going very bad already, like in late 1944 or early 1945).


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Like Sim says.. it depends on the time. He would have to occupy Poland, Hungary and most of France to be able to turn the tide of the war. And even then, the US and the SU would likely have copied the weapon within 1.5 year.
It's a good thing he didn't possess one though.. there is no doubt he would have used it, even on German soil.


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With the way he thought, he would've probably evacuated the for-sure Germans and then just bombed Germany so the Jews he imprisoned were all dead.


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With the way he thought, he would've probably evacuated the for-sure Germans and then just bombed Germany so the Jews he imprisoned were all dead.
The jews were mostly held captive in death camps in Poland and Czechoslovakia, very few in Germany itself.
Hitler shared the same sense of apocalyptic drive for self-destruction the Japanese had. For him there was no post-war Germany, it was victory or death. If Germany would lose this war it would prove itself unworthy of existence. When the Heimat was invaded he knew the war was effectively lost and that his third empire had come to an end. In such a case most leaders or governments would strive for a peace agreement to save both their own lives and the remains of their nation. Not so for Hitler, he ordered everyone to continue the war until the very end.. until every city of Germany was in ruin and every German was butchered. Fortunately, this vision was not shared by the vast majority of the people and by most of the military and civil leaders. Hence his order to destroy every factory and every railway that could possibly be of any use to the victors after the war was neglected. However, it's questionable whether or not people could have stopped him from using the a-bomb on German soil, I doubt it, as these measures hardly involve any real bureaucratic processes that can be sabotaged. :dunno:
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First of all. If Hitler had the A-Bomb. The US/France/England/any other country near Germany would literally go a-wall. (hahaha... A-bomb A-wall...)
US would force all of their top researchers on how to re-create the atomic bomb if not create a stronger weapon.
France/England would probably go on high alert. People would be in a state of panic. Hence, soldiers would be more honor-bond (If i Can say that.) to save them all. This would lead to more secret missions into sabotaging as much German Facilities of possibles.
But then, Hitler would probably go nuke all the Jews, then any other country that he wants to nuke.


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I think that if Hitler had the bomb it's safe to say that at least one huge U.S. city wouldn't be here right now, it's also possible that he would have tried to target as many Jews as possible and taken them all out.

Hitler would have turned the Nuke into a standard war weapon.


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Hitler would not of used it on the Jews, he had death camps built for the purpose of taking out the Jews, why waste valuable plutonium?

Had Hitler developed the bomb first it would depend when that development was as the targets would of changed through 1939-45.

He would of had three likely targets if he had access to atomic weapons.

The first target would of been London, with Britain out of the war Hitler could close the western front and apply all efforts into reaching his real goal(the lands of Russia) in the East. It would also open up North Africa and the Middle-east giving him access to much needed oil(and troops).

The second target could of been Stalingrad, the impotance of this city as a gateway to Russia and named after the big man himself would of been devasting to Russian morale. Destruction of the city would of also prevented the Battle of Stalingrad which was at great cost to Germany and probably the turning point of the war. wIth Stalingrad out of the way germany could of steamed eastwards to reach the resources it desperatly needed to continue the war.

The third target could of been an American one, most probably New York, a lone U-boat or bomber could of made the US think twice about entering the war or quickly retreating back to its neutrality.


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I agree that it would depend on what time during the war he would have used it. If had it near the beginning, he probably would have used it on Britain and could have taken more land faster merely out of fear he would use it again.

If he had it near the middle, I think he would have used it on Russia. My nuking Russia, he probably wouldn't have lost so many troops when trying to invade them.

If he had it near the end, he would have used it wherever he could have done the most damage. Either way, I don't think he would have been able to effectively hit a US target while in the middle of the European Theater.