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If GF was turned into a game what would you be?


Say magically GF was turned into a game. Any game. Any genre. What character would you make yourself and other members become?

NOTE: This ISN'T what you would be in your own independent game, but rather YOU added into the GF game. What part would you play?

Since I love RPG (role playing games) I'm-a do that genre.

viLky (me) - I'll put myself as that guy you see at the beginning of the game, middle of the game and sometimes at the end of the game. He isn't part of the party or main quest, just somebody who enjoys showing up from time to time to offer tips to the adventures or perhaps a quest. An NPC (Non-playable character) that doesn't sell anything, offer skills or abilities. Just a nice NPC you see few times around the game.

Maikeru - I see Maikeru as a towns person. Isn't part of the main party, just a good ole guy that hangs around town. An NPC that is there to offer his bit of wisdom.

Wade - I'll be putting Wade in the main party for GF. He's an intellectual member, thus in my game he will be a magic user... naturally. Judging based on how Wade carries himself on the forum: strong, courageous and intellectual, I see him as a Battle Mage.

Unity - From how I see him around the forum and some of his interests (a few that match up to mine), I'll make Unity as a Brawler. A DPS (damage per second) user that isn't part of the main party surprisingly, but rather a hidden character that can be unlocked. If the adventures go to the right part of the world, they can unlock this beast!

A pretty bad topic for my standards. I wouldn't be surprise if it got zero posts. I just had this thought in my head while playing a game and thought it might be interesting to post. =D


Since I'm an archer in real life I'd say I would be some sort of medieval archer type character. Probably in a fantasy setting, the type of character that is on your side but you don't see them very often.


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I'd be the hero of the story, or at least a very large supporting role. I'd use a double edged long sword or a fully automatic depending on what kind of a game it is.

If I had the option I would lay down my shield and take up a second sword.

So much for zero posts. ;)
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Ohh....hmm. Well, I'd either be warrior class (2-handed weapons) or a cleric. I'd cast mass-intrigue to ensure there's always a steady flow of conversation :lol:


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I would be the comedic relief, but smart at the same time, when I need to be.

Think Mordin from Mass Effect 2 or Alistair from Dragon Age Origins.