If Columbus made it to India?

Discussion in 'Science & History' started by Mirage, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Mirage

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    What do you think the world would be like today if Columbus had somehow ended up in India and NOT discovered North America?

    I think things could have ended up WAY different. Amerigo Vespucci was the first to prove America was a new continent, however would he have set out to do that if Columbus never found it in the first place?

    So what do you think the world would be like if Columbus made it to the real India instead of getting lost? ;)

  2. bball4life

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    America would have beendiscovered, just many many years later. we probably wouldnt be as advanced, there might not have been a civil war, we migt not even have the same governmet we have now.
  3. Mirage

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    Well but my point is, who's to say England would have discovered it? "We" might not even be here, or alive for that matter (and probably more likely).
  4. Malificus

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    Are we assuming he suddenly turned east for some reason, or continued west?
  5. Bananas

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    Who is to say that England had not already discovered it?
    Have a read of this:
    Richard Amerike - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Had Columbus not discovered it then there would be little difference other than a few different names in the history books. I believe America was not so much a discovery, Norse and Celtic storytellers talked of lands far to the west. We can be fairly sure some even settled there. we can be fairly certain that had Columbus ot sailed upon America someone else would of.

    Here is another speculation you might enjoy:
    Madoc - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The stories of our past get filtered on until the meanings are lost. The storytellers and historians have very selective stories to tell, what we believe to be the truth might be a little less believable when you unravel all the mysteries. The Romans were good at this, it is only now that we are starting to rewrite Roman history with what really happened, rather than rely on what we assume to be true due to unreliable and bias sources. Ive used Romans as an example but it is a constant with all peoples and cultures form discovering America right upto the present day, the news broadcasts we receive are very selective to ensure the history books are written in our favour.
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  6. Malificus

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    I still object to the idea of discovering an inhabited area. |:

    Also, if you're going to bring up people who came to America before Columbus, there's a decent sized list.
  7. Bananas

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    draw up a long list if you wish

    My point though; Had Columbus taken a wrong turn and ended up where he was supposedly going it would not of made any difference.

    Columbus was one seafarer amongst many. He might of been first past the post but there were a flotilla of other ships and captains who might of, could of and would of beaten him into the history books had he not found America(and reported it so well) when he did.
  8. Mirage

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    But none of them brought countries over to inhabit the land.

    How weird would it have been if the Americas just stayed untouched and developed into prosperous countries and one day "discovered" Europe? :lol:

    Unlikely considering how far behind they were at the time of "discovery" but still, it would have been a different twist that's for sure.
  9. Bananas

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    Imagine if the Russians sent Yuri Gagarin into space and as he looks out his window.

    "Hey guys, well I'll be........your not going to believe this! You know that ocean between us and Europe? well.......how do I put this?......I feel kinda silly saying this.....but.....Do you think we should of explored there first?"
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