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If a new earth-like planet was discovered

Would you take the journey if you could?

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Ok, say a planet with earth-like qualities was discovered a light year away or so that was able to sustain human and animal life just as well as our planet. The world governments get together and after years of research and testing collectively build a huge space ship that will essentially be the "Noah's Ark" of space ships. A huge amount of animals will be put on board as well as 1,000 humans, 500 males and 500 females.

When you got there you would not have shelter or anything, but you'd be sent with blueprints to recreate the technology known on earth, as well as a complete and exhaustive set of Encyclopedias with every bit of important human knowledge in them, a huge amount of books, etc. It would be estimated that you wouldn't see an earth level of living and technology for at least several hundred years though, which would obviously not be within your lifetime.

The selection process would be random, but you'd have to apply and go through a bit of an ordeal to end up as one of the final 1000 humans to actually travel on to the distant planet and start a new life. If you were selected, not only would you never see anybody from earth again (unless of course they went with you), but you'd probably never communicate with earth again.

The space shuttle would be able to put all of the animals into hibernation mode during the course of the journey which would last a total of 20 years. The humans would be able to remain awake and conscious. Food would be taken in the form of pills. There would be enough water for the journey as well. And yes, for the sake of the argument, you'd be guaranteed to make it there healthy and alive. The main downside is the 20 year journey.

Would you toss your hat in the ring? Why or why not?

I would not. It would be pretty awesome to be a part of such a mission but I wouldn't want to give up my life on earth, let alone 20 years waiting in space.
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Even without the 20 year journey, I wouldn't do it. I'm interesed in space and missions etc but I've never had the desire to actively be part of it myself, I wouldn't want to leave Earth and never have contact everyone back home again. I would never want to go in to space for any reason whatsoever, to be honest. Boring, I know. :lol:


For a Free Scotland
Would you toss your hat in the ring? Why or why not?
To give myself and those that follow me (perhaps not direct descendants, but the descendants of those that traveled with me) a glimpse into the great beyond and live in a place beyond Earth cannot be passed up. For thousands of year man was confined to the biosphere, I feel a great urge to make the biosphere no longer contain humanity. We can leave and never come back, find new climates, new evolutionary patterns, new views of the planets, the stars, the Universe as it exists.

It's breathtaking, and I'd give up 20 years, if not 60 to experience it.


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I think it would be cool to go and if I didn't have a wife and two kids I would probably try to.

In all reality though, if something like this was a reality, they would just pick people at random. They would have engineers, doctors, veterinarians, police officers, and political figures. We would have to send people like that in order to ensure that the new civilization wouldn't fall apart before it was established. There would be room for you average citizens. Unless he wanted a job like sanitation or construction and even then they would get people who were experienced.


Sally Twit
If I didn't have any family or a boyfriend then I'd probably do it for the experience. That said, I wouldn't be able to take food in a pill form as I can't swallow tablets.

I enjoy the life I have on earth right now and I wouldn't give that up for anything.


Endangered Species
Knowing little of the destination I would not go, infact I woud protest at humans going at all. We are destructive by nature and to thrust ourselves on to the unknown would not be fitting for what ever is in the unknown. Look at how Europeans colonised Australia or the Americas, look how we have little regard for our own environment as we munch through the worlds natural resources, we are barely fit enough to bestow our own Earth, why go and spoil another!

I would be happy in the knowledge that there is room for life elsewhere, in isolatoin where humans should not be able to interfere.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
No because I have a family I cannot imagine to leave over it. Now even if the entire family is picked, 20 years in transit is a waste of time. The idea of life in a closed space ship troubles me more than the idea of life in another planet. Then there's not being able to communicate with people on Earth. It's not so much I can no longer talk to my friends or relatives, but I was hoping that my mission would also somehow help Earthlings based on my discoveries living in planet X. Lastly, I'm not in favor or random selection. There should be at least a minimum of expert people in certain fields (think Star Trek, haha) like in medicine, physics, psychology, engineering, geology, etc.


Formerly "Maikeru"
500 males and 500 females inside a ship for 20 years...

They better bring a big stock of condoms ^^ plus that means only 1 optional partner for person.

I wouldnt go only because 20 years is a big slice of my life span
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Likes snow
I'd it serious consideration, though I don't see why communication wouldn't happen. Being a light year away, we should be able to communicate, it'd just take a year each way.

The main thing stopping me from giving a definite answer is I'm kinda lazy.
They better bring a big stock of condoms ^^ plus that means only 1 optional partner for person.
Well, assuming that everyone stays with only that person. And it'd be stupid not to account for people having kids on the trip. If everyone chosen for the journey was an adult, that would mean they have to populate the new world while all being at least 38 years old.
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Formerly "Maikeru"
So in that case only ppl under 20 would make it... probably 15, if not less.

15 + 20 year trip =35 years old. They would have to breed fast.

That would leave out the remaining engineers and scientists obviously older
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