If a guy did this, he'd get arrested

Discussion in 'Dating & Relationships' started by Merc, Dec 4, 2009.

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    I don't know, it is a double standard. If a girl cheats and the guy goes around breaking her stuff you're right, he would be arrested. I don't know why as a society we accept behavior like this.
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    I can't see the video. Were the police called?
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    I think it actually is a light veil of sexism to be honest. Women have been fighting for equal rights for awhile, even in some degree today still. Think about it, guys don't react so aggressively when a girl does something like this because as a society, it's part of this "well she's a woman and thus, emotional" type of mindset. Thus, we let things like this slip by even though if a guy got violent with a girl's belongings, he could probably end up in jail for being abusive.

    Not from the video I can tell. The girl just walks into the living room and smashes the fuck out of her boyfriend's PS3.
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    who said it's socially ok to destroy a guy's stuff in case he cheated?

    anyway, since a girl gets very emotional when a guy cheats, then the hurt this guy causes is huge.
    so the only way, to hurt back a guy (the same way), is to destroy the things he cares for the most. and those things would be video-games![or any other stuff the guy cares for]
    so it's one of the best ways to compensate the hurt .
    [guys care for nothing , so wrecking their life would make them a bit more conscious. ]-(generalized.)

    if the guy did the same thing? it would go beyond limit. to hurt a girl, cheat on her and you're done. there's no need to go and destroy her stuff.

  6. Merc

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    I'm referring mostly to the US and Europe. It's quite clear in the media that when women get hurt, they break their boyfriends' shit or the old comical situation of the woman throwing the guy's stuff out the window.

    Yerp, because us guys are just heartless boulders with penis-shaped brains.


    Eli, the sheer amount of ignorance and blind generalizations you are presenting in this single post are staggering. Are you attempting to win some sort of "Make as Many Baseless Assumptions As Possible" contest or something? You seem to think this is all a contest of revenge and you clearly seem to buy into the "eye for an eye" mentality concerning heartbreak. By this rule, if a girl cheats on a guy with his best friend and gets pregnant, is it okay for the disgruntled boyfriend to go knock up her best friend?

    "guys care for nothing".

    I wish I could put into words how ironic that is since you spent your post talking about heartless, specific ways to get back at a guy for the sake of making the victim feel better rather than spend any time actually considering that maybe guys can feel heartbreak as much as women and perhaps that cheating/neglect is not always a clear cut situation.

    So in a nutshell, you see no problem, correct? From what I can tell, this is what you believe:

    1. A guy who breaks a girl's heart should deal with all of her wrath because he deserves it
    2. A guy who has his heart broken should do nothing and move on

    1. A girl who breaks a guy's heart should expect no retribution, he's just a loser anyways.
    2. A girl who has her heart broken by a guy should be given a steel golf club and the keys to his car.

  7. EllyDicious

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    i know what happens but you asked "why it is ok?" and by my question i meant "just because it happens, it doesn't mean it's ok.".

    personally i think it sounds silly to destroy his stuff as it won't change anything. i'd rather leave him, than waste my time destroying his stuff.[many girls think it'll hurt guys that way, but once a cheater, always a cheater - so you can even fire his house, he'll keep on cheating again].

    noo no. but most guys, get over the hurt more easily than girls do.
    generally, girls (by nature) tend to get hurt faster and more than guys do. but it doesn't make guys heartless. maybe i worded myself wrong and exaggerated what i really mean.
    and please, don't take my sentences black and white.

    what? no way. as i previously said, do you really think wasting your time to take revenge of someone who's not worthy of your love??
    if my boyfriend cheats with my best friend, what's the point of cheating my bf with his best friend? why would i consume myself like that? even the revenge that way is senseless.

    you got it wrong. the "eye for eye" revenge is common, it happens but i don't agree with it.

    stop making me laugh now.

    just because i said "wrecking things he cares the most is one of the best ways to compensate the hurt" doesn't mean i would act like this.
    it just happens, it's somewhat normal but it's wrong!
    that's the difference. i guess you totally missed the point of my post.
  8. Merc

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    So just because you don't think it will change him, its not okay. It's not because it's property destruction? You know, a crime?

    One more time Eli, who says girls get hurt easier than men? You're working on social myths, not facts. Both sexes can get equally upset just as easily. I'm not taking your sentences "black and white" either, you simply use a lot of heavy generalizations.

    That's my point regarding this sort of girls only revenge of breaking the dude's shit. It's the "eye for an eye" mentality as we see here:

    Yes you do. Let me quote you:

    so the only way, to hurt back a guy (the same way)

    If you seek equal revenge, that is "eye for an eye", it's the belief in dealing similar if not exact punishment to even out a negative event. It's basically the belief that if someone punches you in the face, you should be allowed to punch them back. You may not believe in this, but your posts suggest otherwise.

    I missed nothing in your post and if anything, you're continuing with the same generalized posts and untrue "facts". You state that it's normal, but wrong. Then again, you don't seem entirely upset with it which prompts me to believe you see nothing really so bad about it.
  9. EllyDicious

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    not only that. if he cheated on you, deal with him not with his property....otherwise you'll be responsible for destroying his property.
    that's why it's a senseless revenge in many senses.

    you live in this world, don't you? let me take a stupid example. when you see a movie, who's more likely to cry? you or your gf. i'd presume it would be your gf but in an exceptional case could be you.
    you may say "the fact that girls cry, doesn't mean they feel more. men can feel the same way even without crying.". that's true..but i also believe that it takes more to make a guy cry/get hurt.

    we're talking in general. [though exceptions are everywhere for everything]
    your question was "why is it socially ok to destroy his stuff?" which means - in general, by society this is accepted/seen/expected as normal.

    when i said this i meant that's what this girl expects to cause. she expects to cause the same hurt/trouble - by destroying his stuff. i was kind of interpreting her action and meaning that many girls do that but not that i agree with it.
    a few years ago i've had a friend scratching her bf's car because she caught him flirting with another girl.
    you expect me to be surprised by her reaction? no, no matter how stupid her action could've been

    why would i be upset? it's not the first time i hear/see about this way of revenge.
    just like cheating is normal but it's wrong.
  10. oxyMORON

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    "Stop, yo! What are you doing, yo? Get me something to drink, yo!"

    This guy doesn't sound like he even deserves a girlfriend and needs to get his PS3 smashed.

    I guess it's a double standard people think it's ok to accept. Like that one Carrie Underwood song called Before He Cheats. I bet if a guy sang that about a girl, there'd be some serious controversy about it, and he could possibly be labeled as 'dangerous'. I think it has a little to do with women having to supposedly be more gentle and obedient to the guy, and when she actually does something, it's seen as standing up for herself. While if a man did that, it'd be considered abusive or controlling. It's a bit sexist, but it does make sense.

    I also like how the title is "hot asian girl" instead of just "girl" :lol: It's like they're trying to attract male viewers with hot, asian, girl, breaks, PS3, and hammer.

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