Ie6 / Ie7


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If a site works properly in IE6... what are the chances it will also work properly in IE7?

I dislike having to finagle things to make them work properly in IE at all, but I really would rather not have to do THREE different things to make them work in IE6 AND IE7.


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Thanks, Mr Snipes (great nick, btw. I loved Snipes' acting in Demolition Man.) I'd read about people checking their site work in Firefox, IE6, IE7, and others, and was hoping that it would work like you say!


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Have you used IE7 Snipes? ;)

Sites DO appear differently in IE7 actually, but from what I've seen it's for the better. It seems to read HTML more like FireFox does. If anything I've noticed that sites appear BETTER in IE7 than IE6, however I hate the interface on IE7, which is why I refuse to upgrade. :)


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i've never had a problem using sites with IE7 whatsoever. I really don't like the appearance of IE7 either and will probably be downgrading soo actually ;)