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Ideas for tinned tuna?


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My Mum keeps giving me tins of tuna, but the only thing I can think to make with them is tuna mayo sandwiches, so now I've got like 5 tins of tuna in my cupboard...

Anyone got any other ideas for what else I can do with tinned tuna?
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Make a simple tomato sauce, and mix that and the tuna with pasta. Really yummy


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Actually I really like adding tuna to macaroni and cheese. Another thing you might try is putting it on a salad.

Be careful about tuna though, eating too much of it can be really bad for you, there are small traces of mercury in it which if taken in larger amounts can be really bad for you.


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My mom used to make a tuna casserole that was yum. She would use cream of mushroom soup, tuna, and cooked elbow macaroni. Then she would put a layer of cheddar cheese on the top of it and bake until the cheese was bubbly.


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dDave said:
Actually I really like adding tuna to macaroni and cheese.
This. It's a staple of my diet.


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You could simply put it on a jacket potato. Or make a cold pasta and tuna salad.


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I add onions, celery, curry powder, garlic, and mayo to it on a sandwich. Toasted bread and some lettuce. yum.

Or tuna cakes, with breadcrumbs and fried.

Or I feed it to the cat.


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Is that true, Dave? I eat tuna sandwiches almost every single day.

This is going to sound gross but you have to try it. Tuna mixed with pasta, cheese, salad cream and onions. Then put mash on top. Sounds gross but it's to die for.

Also, Nix... Go to Greggs and buy a 'tuna crunch'. It's basically tuna mixed with peppers and some sort of salsa. It's beautiful. If you like it you could make your own.


yellow 4!
Is that true, Dave? I eat tuna sandwiches almost every single day.
Apparently anything more than 3 cans a week could put you at a slight risk, with regards to the whole mercury thing. That's what I've heard anyway. I wouldn't worry about it unless I was a child or pregnant.


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If you're overloaded with [strike]tinned[/strike] canned tuna, remember that you can always use some to feed a local cat or two.