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Ideas for the Perfect Date


Registered Member
My perfect date would be a romantic dinner somewhere by the ocean with a gentle breeze blowing. Following that would be a walk along the beach to a cabana of sorts set up with comfy lounge furniture and champagne. Then nature could take it's course. What's your perfect date scenario?


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Drinks, dinner, dancing and ....


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My perfect date would start with drinks, then an awesome conversation where I would discover that the guy has a great personality and that would immediately make me want to do "other things" with him :D


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Pulling her kid to the side and asking him or her if they would like to come with me and mommy to see a movie and get some Golden Corral. Then going over to her and telling her to put the phone down. She won't need a babysitter for this date.

The expression on both of their faces would be a perfect way to start a date in my opinion.

Chances are good they have both been in that position before. Mommy goes out and has fun and the child is left with a stranger. Mix it up for them. Show them both that there are still good, decent men out there.


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I'm always a fan of doing something. Eating and drinking is fun, but I want there to be more than that. My favorite dates usually include things like amusement parks and zoos, but especially the former. You get to chat in line and get some adrenaline on the rides. It's the best.