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Idea: Two HOF's


Registered Member
Caught about 5 minutes of the HOF ceremony before it bored me and I cut to something else, but in that 5 minutes (covering entirely Snoop), I had a simple fix to a big problem that pretty much all sports with Halls share in common.

Simply make two versions of the Hall of Fame, one for people with stats and numbers and appearances alone, regardless of whatever they are as people outside the arena they play in, and then another version where you include people that the business WANTS to celebrate for everything the members are. Clearly that's all they care about anyways, making an impressive show, with content, get ratings, blahbadablahbadyblah... so just make two versions. No one has to question the version where the people AREN'T celebrated. The names would just simply be there, maybe with a small list-like explanation as to how they're qualified.

Toughest part would be what to call the two different HsOF. Details. Pointless details.

AAAAAAAAAaaaand... everybody's happy.