Idea for sharing your music?


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I was going to post one of my songs that i recently recorded, and then i had a cool idea.

I am not really sure how to put music on this site but i was going to make an imeem account and just put it on there when i thought it might be cool to have a general forum imeem account where everyone can put there music on.
And they can just make a new thread when they add a song to it.

what do you think?
could probably use a little more thought but i think the idea has potential


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I think that would be pretty nice. Though I'm not sure how many people actually make music around here.
But yeah, there is potential in this, I'd say.


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I am not sure how may musicians there are but it would be a good way to make the music place a little more active


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Oh yea i was planning on doing that but then i had the idea to make it a site profile where everyone uploads to it?


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Wouldn't that be hard to do though? Wouldn't we have to announce the username and password on the site here? It'd be too easy for someone to get on there and hack it. However, if you set it up and people just pm you to request the password, it could work. I know I'd be interested and a couple others.
One option is to use mediafire, and set up a group for distribution of the password. The password can then only be seen by members of the group, and we have a free uploading center.