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Ichiro is one of the best hitters of the game today, he's put up 200 hits every year since entering the league. He's 35 years old, so he's clearly on the decline. But do you guys believe if healthy Ichiro can get 200 hits again this season. Or his numbers will drop significally.


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I don't see why Ichiro can't continue to do this year after year. I wish he was in the MLB longer...he'd end up with a ridiculous # of hits. He even talked that eventually, when he's 40, he might like to try and pitch.

He's a sick human.


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I feel he will get his 200 hits for as long as he's motivated. The man would have easily surpassed the 4,000 hit total had he began his playing career in MLB. I feel he's THE best player in the AL. Has a cannon for am arm, can run like a deer, can put any part of the bat he wants to on the ball, and is a natural leader. He recently admitted that he's frustrated with the way the team is going and there were rumors that there was jealousy among the clubhouse over Ichiro, which is fastest way to kill a clubhouse in my opinion.

He's a lock for the hall of fame the moment he retires.