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Now has 7 straight seasons with 200 hits or more. How good is this guy and can he make it to 3,000? He's said he wants to play into his 40's.


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I believe he's the greatest hitter today, it's going to be hard for him to reach 3000, because of his age, but if he started at the tender age of 20 years old I believe he would break Pete Rose's all time hits record. This guy is a hitting machine, he barely has hitting slumps. He's very hard to strike out. It's between him and Reyes has the best lead off hitters in the league right now, but I would give the edge to Ichiro. I know Ichiro doesn't have as many stolen bases has Reyes, but he's one of the best in the American League. He's also a great outfielder.

I believe he's a complete player, you might say that he doesn't hit home runs, well the reason being is because he doesn't need to hit for power, he's the lead off hitter, is job is to get on base and in scoring position, and does that perfectly.


This is great. A friend of mine was upset because one of his friends knocked Ichiro and said he was overrated. I wrote an article about Ichiro in response. It is in the a new section "Lou's Corner."

Ichiro is great and he will go down as the second greatest lead off hitter in history.


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If he can continue at the pace he's going at right now I do beleive he can reach 3000 hits after his career is set and done. He's a hitting machine and he I beleive he'll be a hitting machine for another 5-7 years. I know that's a very long time but he takes care of himself very well so it shouldn't be too hard for him to continue to dominate American League pitching. Plus he gets a lot of hits due to his speed so that helps a lot to pack up the stats. I'm not saying it's going to be easy for him to reach 3000, but i do beleive it's possible for him to get it.


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Ichiro is without a doubt one of the best players in the game today. His ability to hit the ball to any part of the field is amazing and if he had to start his career when he was really young there would be no doubt IMO he'd get atleast 3000 hits but as for now it'll be close but at the rate he is going I'd say he can get it for sure. I honestly don't remember hearing tell of this guy being in a hitting slump.


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Ichiro has stated that he could also hit 40 homers a season if he WANTED to but chooses to hit for average instead. He claims he could hit 40, but he would only hit .270 or so and that's not something he wants to do. What an amazing talent he is.


Ichiro has the most hits in any 7 year period, only the 3rd player with 7+ straight seasons with 200+ hits (Keeler with 8, Boggs with 7), and has a great shot at settin a new record in the next couple years.

Single season hits record - 262 (2004)
Most hits by a rookie - 242 (2001)
Only player with 3 seasons of 230+ hits

The active leader in BA - .333(47)
2 Batting Titles (2001, 2004) - 2nd in 2007

6 Consecutive GG's (about to get his 7th)
top 3 outfield defender in today's game;arguably #1. And he number 1 was when he first joined the league, but he has lost half a step (not that you could hardly tell).

10th player since 1900 to hit safely in at least 53 games during a 56-game stretch
Mariner's club record - 25 game hitting streak
26 hittiting streaks of 10+ games - Active leader
5 separate streaks of 20+ games

Six 5-hit games (Boggs only had 3)

AL record for consecutive successful SB's (45) - NL record held by Vince Coleman: 50
Single season record for consecutive successful SB's - 39

2001 AL MVP
2001 ROY

7 All-Star Selections
2007 All-Star MVP (hit the only inside-the-park HR in all-star history)

Here is just a sampling of some of his accomplishments