Ichiro reaches 200 hits


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Ichiro was 3-5 today against the New York Yankees, and coming in today he was two hits shy of 200 this season. He had a hit in the first inning, then when he came up to bat in the third inning he hit a home run off of Roger Clemens for his 200th hit. That's the seventh straight season that he reaches that feath, and if he hits 200 hits next season he will break the record for most consecutive season with at least 200 hits.


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I was at this game today, and now I have not only seen Ichiro break George Sisler's record, but tie Wade Boggs and Wee Willie Keeler for most consecutive seasons. And he hit the homer off the Rocket Roger Clemens, no less!


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The guy is amazing. Having 200 hits in a season isn't easy and I'm sure he'll break the record next year. Congrats Ichiro!


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This guy is really something amazes me every time I see him. Reminds me of Rod Carew, what bat control. A master at fouling off pitch after pitch till he gets one he can drive.

It doesn't happen of course, but he looks so confident at the plate I think he is going to get a hit every at bat.

Wonder why he does not walk more. Imagine his OBA if he was more selective at the plate. He must go a bit out of the strike zone at times but I guess it works for him, low number of strikeouts and all those hits.

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Ichiro is the best hitter today, and I believe if he started to play in the Major Leagues when he was 20 years old, and if he stayed healthy through out his career, he would probably have the record for all time hits.

I know he's a lead off hitter and he should be more selective at the plate and take more walks, but I believe he doesn't like reaching first base by a walk he rather have a single or a double.

Also I bet Ichiro can be a 20 home run player but he realizes that's not his roll, he needs to get on base, and he sure knows how to do that.


Do you think he'll get 3000?


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Ichiro is argubly the best hitter of all time. He gets a hold on everything and slaps it for a single. It's a shame that he started is Major League career so late. If he started is career like a typical rookie phenom then we would watch a lot of records broken. He's on pace to get 3000 hits, and I personnaly think he'll get it(barring injury). The question is could he break the all time record if he started at 20 years of age?


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My God this guy is the modern day hit king. Him and Biggio that is. But his ability to hit almost everything is uncanning.

Great way to get his 200th hit as well. I think he can reach 3000 and thats saying something because if he had to start his career earlier , Who knows how many he'd finish with.