Ichiro or Dunn


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I'm just using these two as examples.

Would you rather have a hitter like Adam Dumm that hits tons of home runs, drives in runs, hits the ball to the gap but as a .260 batting average, or a player like Ichiro who steals bases, hits .350 every year, hits over 200 hits a season.

Just talking about offense here, don't take defense into consideration.



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We're talking about just their style, not their actual performance, right?

I think for me it'd depend on the rest of my team. But in general I think I'd rather have Dunn, because he draws a ton of walks to make up for the kinda low BA. If Ichiro had the walks, I'd probably rather have him (but again, it depends on the rest of the team).


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It really depends, if I had a powerhouse team with 3 or 4 power hitters, I probably wouldn't pick Dunn, I would definetly pick Ichiro. He know how to hit the ball and he is blazing fast, and could steal second to get into scoring position for one of my power hitters. Now if I was lacking power I would obvisouly choose Dunn.


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Just their styles Wade. Pretend that you don't have a Ichiro or a Dunn type of player on your team before making your decision.

Personally, I much rather have a Ichiro typle player on my team, he's a leadoff hitter, usually gets on base and can easily steal a base to be in scoring position, and can use his legs to go home on a single.

Home runs are nice, but I'm not a big fan of the .260 average on power hitters, and I don't like players that strikeout like Dunn does either.