Ichigo x Orhime <3

Discussion in 'Anime' started by kajin_phoenixlord, May 23, 2006.

  1. Well I know that I'm not the only one who's noticed this. Time and time again we've seen some affection between the two. You think that they both will end up together or what? That's one relationship that I can see starting.

  2. Swiftstrike

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    I havent watched much of this series since the filler started so im like on episode 68 maybe. actually might be on 67.

    I have yet to see much indication that Ichigo likes orihime. Orihime though did fall for him in the save rukia arc.
  3. Henskie

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    It is a possibility I dont think it is very likely but it is possible
  4. Taitu

    Taitu Guest

    I think the most likely match-ups for those characters are:
    IchigoxRukia and IshidaxOrihime.
  5. nahh deffiently not ichigo and rukia.. they got more of the brother/sister thing going, it would be too weird for them, and with orihime interested in ichigo i doubt shes goin for ishida
  6. mysticangel

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    you can tell that orihime really likes ichigo...especially with the last scene with orihime visiting ichigo before leaving to go with the arancars....however...i think i like it more for ichigo to be with rukia..and orihime with ishida...
  7. even though you say that i just cant see it happening, thats just my opinion though, only time will tell
  8. Taitu

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    I would not necessarily say she does not like Ishida though. There was quite a few times where Ishida and Orihime have shown liking for eachother. It was especially evident when Ishida and Inoue were alone together in Soul Society.
  9. Hinata

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    I think Ishida has a think for Rukia more so than Orihime. Although they look after each other Orihime has eyes for Ichigo. Besides why would Ishida follow Ichigo just to be besides Orihime... it wasn't just for that because he even had made a dress for Rukia... Now thats liking someone!!
  10. mysticangel

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    well you can't really say that because ishida made new clothing for everyone...well except ichigo...he just upped their design from what they were wearing in the beggining....considering he loves to make clothing...

    i know there's alot of inoue x ichigo moments...you'll probably see more feelings developed especially where the manga is currently....but i just like the thought of ishida and inoue and rukia and ichigo...

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