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Ice Skating!


rainbow 11!
I went ice skating last night!!!! I DIDN'T BUST MY BUTT EITHER!!! Woo.

At first I was like clinging to the wall. ^^; But then after a while I would be two inches from it and slowly move away. lol Finally my friends grabbed my hands and took me around a few times which really helped. ^^

Then they went around and I practiced and soon I was able to go kinda fast... Well, fast for me. lol

Towards the end that one song, Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting, came on and I did a few karate chops to it JUST as my friends came up beside me... lol...

That was pretty interesting.

What scared the crap out of me was that this guy fell right behind me. Literally, when I looked down at my feet, his was right beside them. And I had this look of pure terror... lol Freaked me out. >.<

I probably have a few blisters. @[email protected] But it was fun. ^^


Registered Member
Whoooo! Himie went ice-skating and didn't bust her assss! She only has a wittle bit more time to go before she's doing flips and jump (yay! Then we can laugh at how back she is at doing them!)

Boo for the scary dude! Boooooooo!

Himie was avoiding me yesterday! She said that she'd kick my ass if I wasn't on when she got back, and...at 2 30 in the morning, she wasn't back >.< Icy had to go to bed.... *frowny face*


rainbow 11!
lol.... I was over at a friend's house. It was nice to get out and not have to worry about as much. I forgot about everything stressful except for the Latin thing.


A Darker Knight
I know how to ice skate. isn't exactly the manliest thing to do, but I know how. At least I use the hockey skates instead of the figure skating ones :D


No Custom Title Exists
I haven't been Ice Skating for ages, well, for 5 years.

I loved to Skate, well, In first year, broke my leg, but meh, I am a great skater.

I can't be stuffed wearing the figure skates, so i always wore the hockey ones, they were better.


Registered Member
I love to Ice Skate. Last year, my groupies and myself went ice skating every Friday (with the except of some, of course!). We still go...just not frquently. Maybe once a month. We've been getting our skiing(boo!)/snowoarding(yay!) in lately. Well....not lately, but a lottt! Whooo.


Ice skating is so much fun! Of course since I live in Houston I can only go indoors. They have a nice rink at the Galleria Mall, so that's a great place to go. :yes: I think the cutest thing would be to have a date at an ice rink.


For a Free Scotland
I'm a pretty decent skater, I usually use hockey skates because it's easier to stop in them. I'm a far better roller blader, but I can do the basics (crossovers, one-footed glide, backwards skating, snowplow and hockey stop).

My middle school was across the street from an ice rink. In January we'd go across there and play broomball.