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Ice cream that does not melt


Free Spirit
Staff member
Ice cream that doesn't melt, no thanks, I want my ice cream to behave like real ice cream and be real ice cream not like some of this stuff you buy from some fast food restaurants. It already doesn't melt. It doesn't even have enough milk in it to legally call it a milk shake.


If it doesn't melt will it also not go bad. What if a child leaves it somewhere for a few hours. If its melted they probably wouldn't drink it but if it still looks fresh they probably will. Here comes the stomach ache.

Do you ever get to feeling like scientists mess with our food too much? What do you think about ice cream that doesn't melt?


Registered Member
Forget that! Im all over ice cream and I want it to melt. When banana splits start melting it just mixes up all the cool flavors so yeah forget ice cream that melts. I also like ice cream in cokes and stuff and malts and those have to melt.
Tech totally is cool for tons of stuff but NOT food. I only like natural food and I totally do hate additives. Well except in Trolli gummi candies. But thats different because its only the flavors.


Registered Member
Anything that's frozen is ice. You can make anything into ice, including ice cream. The only reason it's noteworthy is because people expect it to melt. Otherwise, anything that reaches absolute zero temperature is going to be "frozen".

So it's more like... "Do people want to eat fancy-looking ice?" is the question.

Me, no.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I want my ice cream to be actual iced cream that has been flavored. I only settle for the stuff in the grocery store that is loaded with preservatives because it's cheap and delicious.