I write poetry too!

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    So, this is a poem that I have been composing in my head for the past day or so. It is in blank verse.

    This was inspired by some events in the life of a good friend of mine.

    Critique is welcomed!

    Adrienne Etienne Houseman



    Fair goddess filled to the brim with anger
    Stands before me now. Overcome with thought
    Of loss. Bright eyes closed against the sorrow.
    But anger's strength will not be kind to her,
    And in that strength is far deeper sorrow.

    Do not fall to hate sister of my heart.
    The world has kinder things in stock for thee,
    Among us there are many who love thee.

    Be kind to thyself sister of my heart.
    Do not hate thyself for what must be done,
    And do not lose sight of those who love thee.

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