Movies I would like a Happy Ending please.


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So, in movies, we've come to expect most to have a "Happy Ending". For example, in romance - the guy gets the girl; drama - good guys win; horror - scary thing is eliminated. But what about when the unexpected happens?

So what are some of the better, unhappy endings out there?

The first one that comes to my mind is in The Breakup. I'm glad Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaugn didn't get back together, it kept things more real.

What other ones can you think of?
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A Walk to Remember.

For those who've not seen the movie, don't click the spolier.
The couple doesn't live happily ever after, cos she dies.
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Yeah I kinda hate both of those movies ("The Break-Up" + "A Walk To Remeber"), but different strokes.

There's really nothing happy about "Requiem For A Dream" to begin with, as with most of Aronofsky's films. So much sadness.

The Punisher has a real dark tone to it through out most of the movie. One of my biased personal favorites. Not very many share my attraction to it, so...

You could consider that "Momento" had a rather unorthodox ending (Or beginning really) to it. It leaves you feeling a little drained (I'm not going to spoil it for those who haven't seen it.)
but due to the obvious it doesn't affect the main character in the traditional sense.

NOTE: Put spoiler tags on your posts when you have something revealing. Actually this thread title should have a spoiler warning on it.


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If you're ever in the mood to be depressed at the way a movie ends and I mean go-hang-yourself-in-the-basement-after-drinking-a-can-of-Drano depressed then rent TESTAMENT starring Jane Alexander, William Devane, Lukas Haas and Roxana Zal. Next to REQUIEM FOR A DREAM it's got the bleakest, most depressing ending I've ever seen.