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I wonder......


Registered Member
I wonder how some weird auctions do so well and others dont? I wonder why it seems sometimes that the more money you can spend on an auction helps, when the ones who cannot afford to spend more money on theirs always go down the drain? I wonder how people get media attention.... I have tried over and over..... I wonder how the people who spend "tons" of money purchasing these cute silly auctions determine which ones to target and bid on? Am I the only one that feels that when trying to "sell" or "buy"...... the ones with the most money wins? Just a thought, nothing personal, I love all people the same, Why cannot the auction world?

Good thing there is freedom of speech, or else sometimes I would have nothing to type! :)
Good luck to all yalls auctions! :)


Registered Member
gosh you hit it on the button trees............ some do well, it also helps if you known like woohoo man they just about run to his auctions............but at least he is no scammer like there is alot..............out there..........sometime you just know who to trust........nani