I wonder if this is the political setup of the future in America:

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by MenInTights, Oct 25, 2009.

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    Poll: Owens 35, Scozzafava 30, Hoffman 23 - The Scorecard - POLITICO.com

    Tiny NY special election for US House. It should be no big deal, the House is not at a tipping point. However, since 3 heavy hitters have been out campaigning here it makes you think some people view this as the first battle in the new political scene.

    Owens, the Democrat has had Obama campaign for him.
    Scozzafava, the Republican has been endorsed by Newt Gingrich
    Hoffman, the Conservative has had Palin campaign for him.

    The Democrat party, the Republican party and the non-partisan tea party crowd see this as something bigger than a small House race.

  2. MenInTights

    MenInTights not a plastic bag

    Club For Growth Poll: Conservative Hoffman Ahead In NY-23, Moderate GOPer Scozzafava In Third | TPMDC

    I have zero skin in the game and don't really know about the 3 candidates, but if this guy Hoffman wins its a major story. The designated hitter for the Democrats(Obama), the Republicans(Gingrich) and the TeaParty(Palin) wouldn't be on the scene if it weren't so. This is a knock down punch to the Democrat party and the Republican party.

    A lot of people here bemoan the 2 party system and want greater choice without the special interest. Well, this could be step one.
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    I agree, MIT. I don't know much about any of these three but it would say a lot if Hoffman wins. This could be the first step in creating a third party and it would be nice if more races came down to more than two candidates.
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    Until the GOP realizes that its politicians should be more inclined to listen to their constituents than to some national agenda that is not popular in many regions, losses like this one will occur.

    Almost 40 democrats voted against the healthcare bill, President Obama's single largest piece of legislation, from a liberal perspective. However, Democrats aren't going to run smear ads because they realize many of the congressmen are from more conservative districts.

    But hey, I always like seeing another democrat in the house, so keep it up GOP if you really don't mind losing every moderate.
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    After Scozzafava dropped out, the GOP backed Hoffman. Makes sense, since in most elections the Conservative Party of New York just backs the GOP candidate: the Conservatives being a purely regional party that exists for the sole purpose of trying to drive the GOP to the right.
  8. CaptainObvious

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    This makes no sense. What smear ads? Why would they? And if the conservatives are losing moderates why would 40 Democrats vote against the healthcare bill? Wouldn't the opposite be true?

    No, the 40 that voted against it probably did so because they want to be reelected. Many of their constituents didn't support it and thus they didn't either.
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    Many of the Democrats who voted against the bill were likely from conservative districts, but others likely took issue with certain aspects of the bill, or else wanted to insert legislation into it. Kucinich, for example, voted against it because he didn't think it goes far enough to reform the system. There are quite a few liberals who take issue with the bill because of such reasons.

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