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Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by Msbabedoll, May 19, 2005.

  1. Msbabedoll

    Msbabedoll Registered Member

    Ok First of all, YA"LL DONT LEAVE ME ALONE IN HERE NO MORE! hehe, I got SO bored I talked myself into bidding on a mystery auction, it was buy an envelope and take a chance on how much is inside. Garanteed to have at least 2.00 and up to 250.00 in it. I paid 10 bucks for it and recieved 12.00 back!! LOL

  2. doubles2004

    doubles2004 Registered Member

    Well Congrats Jen glad you won
  3. Nanner

    Nanner Registered Member

    Ummmm congrats? Between 2 bucks and 250 and they give you 12? Gee how nice of them.....

    Oh well ya made 2 dollars....better than losing 8!
  4. Msbabedoll

    Msbabedoll Registered Member

    LOL, that is what I thought, because i was regretting doing it after it was TO LATE! LOL I REALLY dont need to spend money like that! I gotta buy my daughter some new bras! LOL
  5. Nanner

    Nanner Registered Member

    Your daughter is wearing bras? She's how old? Man these little girls grow up so darn fast these days!!!!!!!!! Don't think I needed one til I was about 25........
  6. Msbabedoll

    Msbabedoll Registered Member

    LOL!!! Yes she is and she is 13! She's a big girl though! She is like 5'7" and 170lbs!!! She takes after her daddy's side of the family! LOL Gets her GOOD looks from me though! :) I will post a pic of her in my profile

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