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I was soo shocked and upset I pulled my auction!


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Please if you are like me and sensitive to obscene language do not read this post. I recently had a large funyun up for sale in ebay as some of you know. I was excited at how well it was doing. I wasn't on the post, but I had received some nice and encouraging emails. Tonight I went in to check them and I had the following email sent to me. I was soo upset I started crying and pulled the auction. Probably not the smartest thing to do, but it really upset me. I am a religiouse person and was soo offended. I have reported this to ebay, but I guess what I'm really wondering is does this kind of thing happen often?

here is the person't user name and email ... if this violates any policies I truelly am sorry, but I still would like to know if there is something more I should do or expect. Thank you ...

the email ...

where do you dumbass motherfuckers come from? you are one dumb sonofabitch. eat the fucking thing or throw it away. by the way, i've got a tird i just shat out shaped like a tird. i'll sell it to you for 15 bucks. what do you say?
... from user ... [ MOD EDIT ] You can't post users names or addresses in here.

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Yes. Unfortunatly it's the perills of the strange auctions world...I'm sorry you got a putz like that..( sounds like someone was jelous)
you should have never cancled your auction though...:shake:
If you cave they win..

You have to take the good with the bad...:nod:
I would relist it and block the person from bidding and from contacting you ever again...

BTW: you can't post user names and email addresses in here ..:)
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I am sooo sorry that idiot sent you such a rude email....it just shows his/hers mentality. Night's right, don't let them win, relist it!
All of us who have had "out there auctions" have had to deal with similar emails, it really is something you have to anticipate.
Don't take it to heart!:)


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yes it happens a LOT!! But usually the good out does the bad emails (at least in my case it did) I had 1 stalker who was the actual person who WON the auction but I didn't realize that until later. He backed out (thank god!!) for GP. There are a lot of losers out there who would never say those types of things to your face but feel totally safe to say what they wish when they are hidden behind a user name on the internet.
Don't give them the satisfaction!! Relist! :)
I didn't get to see what it was you listed.. I've been slacking at message boards lately..lol :)


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Thank you all. A part of me is thankful I'm not alone ... sorry about the user name thing .. my bad .... I wasn't going to relist, but now I will. Maybe It will do better this time. btw it was an extremely large funyun 91/2 in. long and over 2 in. wide...


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The person who sent you that email should eat their "item" too. Some people are just no fun, and can't accept the fact that other people are having fun without them. I'm sorry to hear that you pulled it. If you reported it to eBay, that person can look forward to his or her account being banned. Nobody has the right to treat people like that, no matter how bad of a day they just had.

Some people will always wake up on the wrong side of the bed. You just have to ignore these people. That person probably just has the right side of their bed against the wall.


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Nightsurfer said:
You have to take the good with the bad...:nod:
I would relist it and block the person from bidding and from contacting you ever again...
NO, NO, NO!!! Think about it. If that user is dumb enough to pay for an item that he doesn't think should be up for auction in the first place, then isn't he just paying for his own ignorance? If you ask me, that's the ideal person who should be buying the item. Think about it.........

Anyhow, I agree with this guys idea that those kinds of auctions are stupid. It would fit right into my "contest" in the other thread for auctions over stupid easily attainable stuff, but this guy shouldn't be using that as an excuse to send you horrible emails with blatant insults and swear words. If he thinks you're an idiot and wants to tell you it, fine, but all that other hostile stuff is completely unfortunate and uncalled for. It's just an auction. I think he's just upset at the thought of money being paid for something that takes no work to produce. He probably has a sh*tty job that he hates and gets underappreciated for it. That's my best guess.