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So are you the type of person who will get out a pen/marker while you're in the public toilets/on the bus/train etc. and declare to the world that you were there at a certain date?

Have you ever seen your "work of art" again on other occasions?

Now here's a challenge for all you declarers!
Next time you have a pen handy write down:
"GeneralForum.Com" was here, leave a date.

Now all we need to do now is ask Hybrix to add to the registering page a possibility to choose "How did you learn about GF", while one of the options should be "From the writing on the wall" :D


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I have never done it myself, but it would be funny putting generalforum down, and you could even write your username to get a referral haha.


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haha lol well i cerintly not going to do that but its annoying thing i saw it couple of times and i think people like this the artist are weirdy and bored people cheap trick just because they dont have money to afford a news paper...


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I've done it at school on a few school desk, but I didn't say my real name when I posted it since I didn't want to get caught. I didn't use a pen or pencil either, I took scissors and in-graved something. But I am pretty sure the desk as been scrapped since then.


usually i'm not the type to leave notes anywhere. i mostly leave notes on the objects with dust lol. will write my name or that of any singer. but that's it.

i've been thinking about writing GF's name somewhere though lol.
Haha :lol: Free advertising for Brix, nice.

I've never written on the wall with a pen, but I did scratch some things into the bathroom mirror at school a few times whilst bored in there with friends. I also used to write on the desk in the science labs because the dark brown tables were a mess anyway, and there was even sometimes little conversations going on.


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Haha I think that's a good idea you've got there Bordie! :D

Anyway, I'm not the sort of person to do that, I'm afraid of getting caught and someone telling me off for it... even though I'm not a kid :shifteyes:
I think I did it once when I was in school, but I drew a little picture and put a date on the toilet walls and that is about all I've done of that sort of thing. Everytime I went into that particular toilets I would see the picture until one day I think someone scrubbed it off. lol


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I've done it on touristy spots. As for GF was here, remember we have the same thing going on but for pictures. We took GF was here pics of places we visited. The thing is, they don't really leave a mark.