I want to leave smoking


I am Anand Mistry from India. I am just 22nd year old. I have very bad habit of smoking and daily I spent 60 to 70 rupees behind it. I am smoking daily 15 to 20 cigarettes.

But, Now I want to leave smoking at any cost. I tried many ways. Exercise, Yoga and many others. But, I am still find out perfect method to leave smoking.

Please help me............:confused:

Marry Christmas in Advance!!!!

Thanks and Regards,
Anand Mistry


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Hi Anand, for me, I just chose to stop, and that was it, however, maybe I found it easier because I started to smoke menthol [mint] cigarettes.

Merry Christmas in advance to you too. :santa:
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Some people find it easy to quite pretending to smoke, doing the same movements that you do to smoke but not actually lightning the cigarette.