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I want to grow Christmas plants!


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A friend was growing two small rosemary Christmas trees in pots and they looked so pretty! I shamelessly asked her to give me one later. I've never thought about this before. It makes a nice gift for family and friends; something unique but not very intruding, something for all ages. Who wouldn't like a small beautiful tree with a good smell? It's probably too late to start now, but I can always do it next year.

Have you ever done this kind of thing?


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I have never thought of growing my own, no, but I have purchased Christmas plants for others and they were well received. I am not much of a green thumb, so I am not sure if it would be something I want to attempt to do. If you do have a green thumb, go for it!


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I like Christmas Cactus plants and find them very easy to take care of (water once a week, hold them under the shower a couple times a year and put them near a sunny window). I have two that bloom regularly.

I tried one of the rosemary plants once but it didn't survive :( . The Norfolk Island pines are beautiful but they are too easy to grow and turn into monsters.


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i need to buy one of those plants for dummies books. we used to have plants around the house, but not water them much.
in front of the house we had bushes that looked like trees with points on top. one big plant outside that looks like a fern.
1 or 2 trees in front that you can easily scrape off the bark that my cat panther liked to climb. those ugly elephant plants plus the
small bottle brush tree pink and yellow.

my sisters ex-boyfriend took out the elephant plants and kept the bottle brush tree there but he made it into a small rock garden.
that was a good thing because i didn't like frogs being there.

i once knew this lady that would grow poinsettas and i was saw at the store. as for i did yard work by just watering. as an adult i never owned any plants but i thought about fake plants and trees to put in my apartment. i know that's boring. but i was a young guy living in calif in the city. since the groundskeeper took care of the plants who care who what plants anyway? ok ;et me get the address for the dummies book, lol