~I want That~


what? no pink?
wow that's pretty cool! : )

I don't know if you seen the auction awhile back of the carousel horse that came off an actual caroursel ride but it was awesome! was going for about 3k so it was out of my reach but.... I WANTED THAT! :D


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Not a bad price so far either. I can't say I'd have a use for it, but then again there are few Batman items I'd have a use for. :)


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Is it just one of those things like you see in the mall where kids "ride" it and it moves back and forth, or an actual batmobile that you can drive around powered by foot or battery?

Down the road are two kids who have those little trucks built for kids that run on a battery and can be driven around. Almost took out two of the little rugrats the other day when they came blasting out of their driveway onto the road! They're worse than the deer around here for trying to become roadkill.

But wish I were small enough still to fit inside one and bomb around town instead of driving the sedate car I currently have to use :)