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I understand where you're coming from...


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Typical Unity thread idea :yinyang: ...but I think that MD could use it.

The concept is simple, if you consider yourself to be more liberal or more conservative in politics, post this phrase using the political ideology opposite of yours:


I understand where liberals/conservatives are coming from on *insert issue here*

Do this for at least 2-3 political issues, and explain why you might be able to understand that point of view.

Example (not my own, just made up): "I understand where conservatives are coming from on the issue of the Patriot Act. I don't fully agree with its measures, but I can see how one would want them in place during a time of increased terrorist attacks."


I'm not asking you to agree with viewpoints that you don't agree with...mainly, I'm asking you to consider why people may hold a certain opinion.

1. Please take this seriously or don't post in the thread at all. There are plenty of other GF threads going right now that have the purpose of insulting each others' viewpoints. :lol:

2. I hate trying to box political viewpoints into either (a) or (b), so feel free to use something other than liberal or conservative as long as it has some sort of ideological opposite.

3. I know that, as in the case of my example, not all conservatives/liberals see eye-to-eye on a certain issue. Some conservatives may like the Patriot Act, some may hate it. Just try to be easygoing about possible misrepresentations. That's just a part of the whole #2 thing.
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I see the other side on welfare and associated domestic entitlements. The concept of a state where those who work pay the bills for anyone who simply doesn't feel like it, is a very dystopian one. Under the American system, fortunately, the government disburses aid to citizens based not on want, but on need. I don't believe it is or will ever be anything like that totally unfair and unacceptable scenario.
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