I truly am a college student...

So the following events take place on Saturday night. I've been studying my ass off since then and am just getting around to re-telling this story. Anyway, it's roughly around 1:30ish, two of my roomates are asleep with their girlfriends, my other roomate is working on something, and I'm bored as hell and am contemplating going to bed. Suddenly I hear a police siren, followed by another, followed by another, etc. I ignore it since police sirens are not at all rare in Columbus. Suddenly I hear a helicopter and see the searchlight pass over my window. I am now curious. I stick my head out the window, only to see that all of the cop cars I heard earlier had come to a stop on the street in front of my place. I go into my awake room mates room for one, to see if he heard/saw all of it, and two, his room has a door to our balcony overlooking the street. He's already out on the balcony, and we yell down to some people on the sidewalk if they knew what was going on, but they didn't. Suddenly, another cop car comes peeling around the corner and down the street, coming to a screeching halt in the street. The cop get out, goes to the trunk, and whipe out a shotgun, which he cocks as he jogs toward the entrance to the parking garage across the street from our place. Another cop car does the same, but this cop takes his shotgun to the ally that runs between the parking garage and the "Gateway," which is where a good number of bars are located.

We observe for a little while with amusement as countless drunk people stumbled toward the parking garage, completely ignoring the street lined with cop cars, only to be shouted at by a shotgun wielding cop because they tried to stroll into the garage. We eventually decide to go downstairs to talk to the people down there, and it becomes apparent that there are two groups of people there: 1.) The people that live nearby and see the situation as entertainment, and 2.) the people that have cars in the garage and are just flat out pissed that they can't get home. Eventually, a guy walks up to the cop in the ally and asks him some questions that no one can hear from across the street, when suddenly he shouts "They shot my brother!?!" He starts losing it and yelling at the cop that he wants to be taken to the hospital so he can see his brother. The cop counters, after a good two or so minutes of being yelled at "Sir! I feel for you that your brother was shot, but right now the man that shot him is still in that parking garage and we want to find him as quick as possible!" A guy takes it upon himself to drive the guy to the hospital so he can see his brother.

One of my room mates had been woken up by the shouting, and decided "Hell, we're college students!" so we threw a mini kegger, all the while blaring cop themed music out toward the street. We invited some people that we had been talking to up to our balcony and tapped a keg that we had. The icing on the cake came when the cops apparently found the guy. They dragged him out to the street in handcuffs and leaned him against a squad car. We, rather appropriately, began to blare "I Fought the Law and the Law Won" as loud as we could.


Creeping On You
Well, that certainly sounds exciting. The only exciting thing that ever happened at my university was some fake fire drills, and a bomb thread(also fake). Even at my apartment, nothing strange seems to ever happen. Only a few car accidents. Usually only fender benders at that. I guess that's the boredom that ensues when one lives in a good neighbourhood.
I figured I might as well add to this thread, making it sort of a testament to how odd my life can be.

I just woke up about half an hour ago (stupid 7:18 am class...) to find a homeless man in my living room. He didn't break in or anything. Apparently my room mate invited him to spend the night. My room mate also gave him a haircut, I guess...my friends are odd....