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I thought of a better one MODS!!


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PC Mods.. there is a huge modding community out there both users and creators. You should work on attracting and catering to that crowd. I can help. There is also case moders and system modders, the very latter I dont mess with. Anyway already gave 2 cents.. does this make a nickel?


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I do a lot of Windows and other OS and program mods. I could probably help out if there was ever a section for it, but I think there's bigger ideas for that in the future.


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Staff member
Are you talking about mods like Counterstrike? What type of forums exactly are you talking about? Mod specific forums or getting help programming mods forums..


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I think this could be too much trouble, even dedicated mod communities are hard to run and progress forward. Maybe just have a place where people can upload there own (original) maps for games, or provide a link to where they have hosted it. THen you could create sub forums as thy are needed, like someone could say "I have a nolf map that I think is really cool, can you make a nolf section?"

I can't even see summat like this being used much, but it would still make a cool mini section, how cool would it be to play each others maps? Tre cool