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I think I almost got mugged the other night..


Hell, It's about time!
I decided to walk up to the local Sheetz to grab one of their 2 for .99 cent hot dog deals and a drink. I don't live in an area that is considered "bad", but the thugs do come over here on occasion. I've never had an issue walking at night.

On my way back I had a feeling someone or a some group of people was following me in the shadows. It was about 9:30-10:00 at night... and there were a few yellow street lights illuminated, so I could see, but not clearly. I've walked in this area many times at no with no issues. I had always assumed it was an OK part of town. I was open carrying as many of you know I do and which is perfectly legal in Pennsylvania.

Well as I came around a corner a group of thugs (about 3 of them) began to follow me at a distance. They were quiet, about 30 yards back and gaining on me, but not running. It clearly seemed that they were following me. I went to condition orange real quick (Orange means I understand there is possible threat, and am ready to defend if necessary).

I looked back and I could clearly see one of them had something shiny hidden in his hand... at which point I turned fully to face them and make them aware that I was aware of them, all while making sure my 1911 was facing them with my hand on it, but not drawn. They stopped immediately because at this point I was standing right under a street light so they could clearly see I was armed.

After I did that they quickly made their way in another direction and I quickly made my way in another direction.

Who knows what their intentions were, but I know your intuition doesn't lie to you. My gut was telling me something was not right. I got home and called the police non-emergency number and filed a report to keep a look out and gave them a description of the 3 guys... Never heard anything after that.

That was basically it... Open carry potentially saved my ass again :nod:
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Not long ago, I was walking to meet my girlfriend downtown, and a thug jumped out from behind a wall holding a knife behind him (I checked afterward). This is where putting yourself in another person's shoes comes in handy. I kept the same exact walk path and pace, and gave him a smirk like he was being ridiculous, a nod of the head towards the wall.

He looked at me, towards his hand, at me again, then staggered aside, totally confused. When I turned around after passing him, I could see the knife, and he looked at me like "What the hell did you just do? Why didn't my plan work?" I gave him a nod and an outward wave of my hand. It was a priceless moment.

They're still human. They prepare for this stuff, and they're really fucking stressed out. If you don't react in a way they've anticipated, they're at a total loss. Same reason I wouldn't panic if I thought there was a thief in my house (when I was in a house). I would do this with up to two people who are unarmed, or one with a knife.

More than that, or who possibly have a gun, I wouldn't fuck with.

Maybe my definition of 'thug' is pathetic to you, but hey, I live in beautiful Canada. :)


Pro, your situation sounds alot like the opening to many stories I hear from the rougher parts of Columbus. The ending of the stories I generally here around here are "and then I DID get mugged." Muggers love to try and prey on what they think are easy targets.

My room mate always took to carrying a knife with him if he was going to be in a sketchy neighborhood, and another one of my friends took to carrying what we referred to as the 'beating stick,' which was just an extendable baton.


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Well, I guess it's a good thing you had something to deter them with. Although, I find it a rum state of affairs when you can't even walk down the street without fear of some scumbag doing something to you. Attempting to mug, beat you up for kicks, kidnap you etc.

I'm lucky I guess. That sort of thing never comes up around here, never heard of such an event. Fair enough, it happens, but I've never known it here.

Just wish folks would down tools and stop interfering with strangers for no good reason.

A quick question though - Would you have shot at them if they decided to act?

Oh, and was the hot dog and drink nice?


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Open carry was nearly your doom. Do you know what ghetto life is like? Crazy fucker, you're lucky the three didn't open up on you at once and leave your blood, your brains, and your single .45 lying right there on the road.

And man, what I wouldn't give to hear their side of the story. I know your details are all correct, but imagine if these guys are just doing their thing with maybe a weed pipe in their hands and you spin around all Clint Eastwood on them, ready to draw, lolol.


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Well you handled yourself and the situation with clear thinking and not all "Gun-Ho" like, you were patient and knew your surroundings and knew you were in danger. I see nothing wrong with what ya did, sure maybe the hot dog craving could have been at a different time, but hey, the stomach was hungry. Other than that, glad to know you're not harmed.