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I think 2011 needs to settle down


I was thinking before, we are only two months into 2011 and already so much shit has happened. Just think about it, cyclones, bushfires, earthquakes, massive floods and landslides in different countries, record setting blizzards with people being snowed in in some places. Not too mention all the stuff in the Middle East with the revolutions/uprising etc. And that's only to name a few. While some of these things are environmental and some are not, all have equaled huge loss of life. And all in 2 months! Okay 2011, I think you just need to settle down for a while.


Registered Member
You make very good valid remarks, but in my opinion, it's only to get worse. It's not just the world itself, it's the people in the world. For every handful of people you have that do give a damn, you have two handfuls that don't. The world is a sad place anymore.


Well-Known Member
Even just looking at the natural aspect, things do seem much worse this year. Maybe i'm only paying more attention because they're had a more personal effect on me than other disasters but yes 2011. Settle down.


still nobody's bitch
You don't find it exciting to see history happening before your eyes? I do. I'm very excited about the Solidarity movement in the U.S.


Haters gonna hate.
In reality, every year is a big year in terms of events.

I don't think it will get worse. To get worse now would be like having the apocalypse. For some reason I just think that this year so far is the natural order of things and whatever happens does happen for a reason (good or bad).

I enjoy the fact that history is being made, too.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Obviously this is just the precursor to the end of the world in 2012, haha.

I mean, that's what a lot of people will lead you to believe, at least.

For example, tornado last night. Had one on New Years Eve of all days as well. And the snow has been ridiculous. Guess the world is ending afterall.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I'm sure there's another year in the last 30 or so that had a crazy early start like this one...and the world didn't end last time that I checked.

It probably just seems insane to us right now because it's in our present.
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