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I still think eBay is the best


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Staff member
Even after trying all the other auction sites out there I have to say that eBay is still #1. If it weren't for the fees I would like it a lot better but right now other auction sites don't really seem to hold a candle to what eBay is doing in traffic and revenue.

eBay is so simple to use and I have yet to find another auction site that is quite as easy.

Anyone else listing anywhere besides eBay lately? I search eBay a lot and each time it seems they've improved their search and listing layout again. They are doing a lot of things right. If only they would lower their fees. That's the main thing that their competition has over them.

I definitely like eBay but I'm not saying I wouldn't want to see some other site catch up. The more competition the better but right now it seems that eBay is sitting happily on the top of the food chain.


A Darker Knight
It's only good because it's the most famous auction site right?


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It's only good because it's the most famous auction site right?
True.Till something better comes along.Some other Auction sites I have found (Ausrtralia) have a 12% premium that turns me off.


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compared to other sites (such as ola and ebid), it's definitely the best, even with the price increases...unfortunately