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Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by Unity, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Unity

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    I thought of this thread a couple of weeks ago but I guess I never posted it...

    One of the WWE announcers' current practices (which I believe has been in place for over a year or so) is driving me crazy.

    If you haven't noticed it, basically the announcer (such as Michael Cole or Todd Grisham) will say "I spoke to Drew McIntyre backstage today and he said that this match would solidify his role as the 'chosen one.'" (I just made up an example). Bascially, they're totally making up quotes from the wrestlers to try and build the match.

    I say, let the wrestlers tell their own stories!!! Through interviews, actions, matches, etc...this practice comes across as incredibly phony/manufactured in my eyes.

    Thoughts on this current WWE announcer trend? Do you think it's phony, like I do? Or do you think it serves a good purpose, building a match and a wrestler's character? Thoughts?

  2. Millz

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    The main reason they do it these days is to save time and focus more on the match rather then the promo.

    I do think it would be better if the wrestlers themselves did it. Do it like the old days. While someone you're feuding with is wrestling, why not have the wrestler in a bubble talking about the feud while the match is going on. They used to do that all the time...it only lasted 15-20 seconds and it was a time for wrestlers to get their personalities across to the audience.
  3. Unity

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    Good idea...I hadn't thought of that!
  4. Millz

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