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I saw my father for the first time this weekend


First time in over 17 years. I was sitting in my room talkin to Blur, when my mother ran in and told me my father was at the door.
We walked, and had a short discussion. He threw me off - i'd always expected my father to show up, and act distant (almost as if we werent related). However he seemed really happy to see me, and kept trying to keep me involved with stuff.

I had this joke I told my friends, about how i'd meet my father and ask for something outrageous like a helicopter for all the times he missed. But it was hard to do.


I think that its cool that you got to see your father, I hope u guys talk more often then every 17 years from now on, i know i enjoy every time my father comes (he is coming this weekend), i hope u can enjoy his visits if he visits from now on.


Well congradulations .... you thought this was not important and deserved subtalk? you coulda put it somewhere else


thats sweet yo. so is he gonna become part of your life now? and i move this to gd cus it really isnt spam.


yeah good idea blur, this thing can get good discusion, it doesnt need spam

and i use to think me not seeing my dad for 6 years after his divorce with my mom was bad..


A Darker Knight
nice. I really don't know what that must feel like, but hey.


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Ya congrats. But ya Blur always has good ideas like getting high and posting on here LOL.


thats no where near a good idea

ITS A GREAT IDEA!!! i always do it .. and i mean like tony the tiger great, cant beat that shit


Just out of curiosity, where's he been for 17 years, if you don't mind me asking...

Glad to hear you got to see him though.


Thats a good question, but I wasn't thinking about it at the time. When we first met, he seemed desperate to explain, I guess he had a lot to say. I was too in shock. Honestly, as informative as his explanation may have been, I don't care in particular. I didn't have a chance to know this guy in the past 17 years, he wasn't around, and as far as I'm concerned it doesn't matter. I'm more focused on the present and getting to know who he is now. One of my goals before college was to meet him, I want to get to know his personality first.
That sounds real harsh, but it's not. In fact it's the positive outlook, I really want to get along - I'm basically puttin the past away, and building something new.
He lives out of state. His story was, he went to school w/ my mom, she caught another girl trying to get his attention (he was probably cheating'), my mom got pissed, and she dropped out of college. He included, "we got into an argument, and I was forced to leave the house we were staying in (i guess they were off campus). By the time I got back, she'd already packed up and was on her way home"
She found out she was pregnant after she arrived in new York. She called to tell him she was having a baby, but didn't get in contact with him. Sometime afterwards, he was arrested, and jailed for two years. He mentioned she contacted his mother, but they didn't get along, so the message didn't get through to him until he was out of prison. By then my mother was already done w/ him.
I thought about it for a while, and the story makes sense. My mother never wanted to tell me much about my father, even when I was young and desperate to know. When we did get into brief discussions, the clues she dropped never got along with each other. For one, she told me she stayed w/ my grandmother until I was about 2. She never mentioned once living any where else. Then she told me my father stayed with her in new York at some point, left her, and stayed with his mom. None of my family members ever met my pops either, so it doesn't make any sense for him to have stayed in town with her - not to mention live in one of our apartments.
Both sides are apparently telling short stories here, I'm not going to bring people together and press the issue. I'm sure thats just going to turn into an ugly situation, and I'll still end up with a half assed story.

I learned a bit so far. For one, he smokes. I'm going to try to get in a conversation about smoking so we can hurry up and roll an L. ROLLING AN L w/ my dad. ^_^

Thanks for the support guys, I really appreciate it. With all the other things going on in my life, this is an extremely critical scene for me. I felt like crying when I saw this dude. there was a lot of pain and frustration behind being a bastard, seriously. Now I don't just have a father, I feel like I have a family. For the past 17 years, my entire household consisted of 1 aunt one uncle, one grand father, one grand mother, a mom and recently a little cousin. My grand father passed away - he basically kept the family together. It's like my other relatives don't exists sometimes.

I'm reading over this now, and this shit is a mess. I hope you guys can understand I was in a rush to express myself. lolz