I "RECYCLED" my auction! Check it out!


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I couldn't find ANYTHING in the rules that says i can't entirely revamp and recycle an auction. 0 bids 4.5 days to go! so, I took out the Jen & Ben cheetos and replaced them with a cool little mystery box. I put up a "BottleCaps" Candy Box in the cheetos place. HA! It wasn't going anywhere and I paid too much to let another one bite it . Check it out and let me know what you think...about the auction OR recycling one....just trying to conserve the internet ozone! hahhaha!

BottleCaps Mystery Box

and hey! it starts out with over 2400 views and 44 watchers! ..not bad huh?


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Great idea lol! Hope this one does better than the last.. or should I just say itself? It's the same auction technically :)


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Exactly! But when you go there, do you see the cheetos or the candy in the gallery? when I go to my ebay it still shows the cheetos...in the ebay list of bizarre auctions it's candy! weird! If anyone had it in there watch list can you let me know what it looks like there?
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In my gallery I will go check the ebay gallery

Ok just checked and in the ebay gallery it shows the bottle caps!!
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cshawn13 said:
Ok, I am confused. So the auction for Ben totally turned into this? :eek:hno:
It's ok Shawn... take a deep breath... Ben has gone. But it's ok. The REAL Ben is still out there with his cheesy smile. It's gonna be "OK" sweetheart.
and...why don't we get to private message you here? FIX IT!