I really hate


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conversation in public restrooms.

I'd prefer to do my business and get out of there. It's not really a homey place to have a conversation.

Does it bother you if someone tries to engage you in conversation in a public restroom?
More than I can even explain. I try to avoid them as it is. All those friggin toilets without lids, germs flying all over the damn place.:sick:
There even seem to be some that encourage conversation due to the pleasant little seating areas before you hit the main room. Who would EVER sit on one of those couches?

Anyway, yes, I hate it.
lol You got me thinking of the woman chating on her phone joke. With all seriousness, small talk with a total stranger while washing our hands is just weird as if the person is socially awkward and couldn't pick a worse place for small talk.


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I don't like having converstations in public restrooms. It's not an appropriate place to hold conversations in my opinion.
meh, it's not the most convenient place to have a conversation but I wouldn't say it really bothers me. It depends on what they're saying, I guess. I kinda like it when people are friendly because it makes a change but at the same time I don't really want to be in the bathroom longer than I have to be.


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I don't have them often, usually when I do it's when I go out to bars and clubs, people are drunk so they talk the shit and say all this wacky stuff. It doesn't bother me though.


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I get the feeling I'm being watched when I'm in a public restroom, I also hate it when I suddenly hear the door bash open and a screaming conversation going on.
Also when there's no toilet paper.


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what, like with strangers?

Denise I keep forgetting to tell you - toilets without lids are not as scary as you think. My microbiology teacher said that one semester some of her students did an experiment to see how many pathogens fly around when the toilet is flushed, and there were none.


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Guys don't hold conversations in the bathrooms...it just doesn't happen. Unless their is a TV in the bathroom in a bar. Then guys will usually talk about a play that just happened or the game.

But I can't remember ever talking to anyone in a restroom...


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This happened to me just the other day! I got into an argument with someone at work and about ten minutes later I went to the toilet and one of my colleagues thought I was crying. I was mid-flow and she came in and asked if I was OK. As soon as she said my name I just stopped and couldn't go anymore. She was in there for a few minutes asking if I was definitely OK. I wasn't crying - I actually needed the toilet. I have a hard time going if someone starts chatting to me.