I realized today that the dating world is a lot like WWE PPV names.

We have WWE PPV:

Royal Rumble
No Way Out
Judgment Day
One Night Stand
Night of Champions
The Great American Bash
No Mercy
Cyber Sunday

...and TNA PPV:

Final Resolution
Against All Odds
Destination X
Victory Road
Hard Justice
No Surrender
Bound For Glory
Turning Point

- Royal Rumble = A kinky sex act?
- Bound For Glory = Another sexual act.
- One Night Stand = Never seeing that girl again.
- When you're in jail = No Mercy/No Way Out/Hard Justice/Lockdown
- Cyber Sunday is for the lonely peeps >.<;

Maybe it's just me. Do you see the connection? @[email protected];


Change the World
Staff member
Vilk, I've noticed you've been making a lot of sexual links lately on the wrestling forums!

Need me to refer you to a good porn site, man?! LMAO j/k
Ahhhh yeah or it could just be that those names were sleceted because they are generic names to make people think "Oh sweet, No Way Out, that means no one can get out... wow"