I proposed.


Lion Rampant
Proposing on Easter weekend, eh? You romantic devil! Congrats and thanks for sharing the happy news. Who's the lucky girl?

I kid, I kid. I know it's 'Lope. Well done for yourself, bro.


Son of Liberty
OH dude, she still hasnt come down from the high yet :hah:

I spent most of the morning/day running around talking to my family and her family about it. Its been a real busy day for me, I caught her unsuspecting right after her work and leveled her pretty hard at a nice lunch.

It was definitely worth the time, effort, and everything else that went along with it.

Thanks for the comments guys I appreciate it ;)

(ps... now that I got through this part, I can get back to writing the blog!)
yay, finally! :p

That first photo is so damn cheesy, Ice. Love it hahaha. Congratulations. :) now get writing more blog entries!*

*lol I wrote that before I saw your post
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