I object!!


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So, I've only seen this in movies.
But then I wondered what it would be like if someone in real life would actually object in a wedding.

Like, you know, when the preacher asks: "If there is anyone here who has any reason these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace". What if someone did object.

I've been to 4 weddings in my life so far. All relatives. No objections.
In movies, the guy/girl shows up right at the last minute and objects, followed by a lovely and romantic speech (and usually ends up getting the girl/guy). But, what would it be like in real life?

Is there some sort of procedure the preacher must follow in case someone objects?
Has any of you ever witnessed an objection? If so, could you share it with us?


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Never seen this in real life either. I think the trick is to not invite anybody who you think might object. I'd be surprised if this happened very often in real life. In fact, you can always ask for the question to be skipped altogether. It was just a tradition from a ways back but in the end it's not worth having it mentioned unless you are positive nobody is going to object. :lol:


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I find this an interesting discussion topic.

I have been to 2 weddings in my life and no one has ever objected at them. I have no idea what would happen if someone did object at a wedding and what procedure would be followed. Nowadays I don't think it would happen that much. If someone objected to the marriage they wouldn't turn up at the wedding in the first place and waste their time getting ready and making their way to the place of marriage. In relation to what Hybrix said it's probably an old tradition that has just out grown.


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I'm pretty sure the Vicar didn't ask if anyone had any objections at my sisters wedding a couple of years ago. Is that something that is still said nowadays?


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I think a reasonable objection could be something like "She cheated on you with your dog!" or something similarly serious. I mean, I'd imagine it to be something like a last minute desperate attempt to stop a friend doing something he/she might later regret. Like, if you just found out vital information and you haven't been able to get in touch with the person, etc.

Although I guess 'reasonable' terms to the individual for objection might also be something like "I love you! Don't marry him, marry me!". :lol: But, I've never heard of anyone actually objecting. I assume there is some protocol for the priest to follow in such an occasion. :-/ There'd have to be, right? I mean, otherwise they wouldn't ask. :dunno:


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I've been to so many weddings (I used to sing at weddings) and I have yet to see someone object. Sometimes though I don't recall the question being asked anymore. And I think Hybrix has a point. People don't invite who they think have objections to the wedding. If they appear at some point and cause a disturbance, I bet the person is just shooed away and treated as a crazy loon.


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That'd be really awkward...

I doubt most pastors/vicars/priests/etc would be prepared for something like that. It just doesn't happen.

As far as whether people say it or not, most of the wedding ceremony is completely dependent on what the people getting married want (and maybe their parents). Most of the stuff that happens is optional.


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I think that line was probably originally intended to symbolize/drive home the "forever" aspect behind the idea of marriage, instead of a point where someone can formally object to the wedding (like a last minute "deal with it now, or shut up) --> Having someone run in at the last moment is more likely just a dramatic device a la Hollywood, rather than a reality.