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I now have cancer


Registered Member
Just thought I would let you know I'm in the hospital again, been here since Sunday evening. I have pneumonia and I did have a lot of fluid on my lung but they drained that. 1 and a half liters. That's almost a two liter bottle of soda. I was shocked. The procedure itself didn't hurt that much but coughing sure did. Another problem I'm having is low blood pressure and fast heart rate. Hopefully I will be out of here by this weekend.
Keep fighting the good fight.

If we can help, please let us know.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Thanks for everyones best wishes and prayers. Thought I might get out today but more fluid built up on my lung so they had tor drain it again and put in a drain so I can drain it myself at home. I'm in so much pain even after my 12 hour time released morphine pill and hydroco pill plus a shot of MP. Hope its not like this tomorrow.


New Member
I have lung cancer. I did this to myself because I smoked for so long. Trying to quit, haven't had one in about a week now. I've been taking chemo and radiation and I hope they an get it to go into remission. Right now I'm at stage 3. Very tired all the time and have to take pain killers which makes it worse. Reason I haven't been on much.

Also I just got out of the hospital yesterday because of pneumonia. I'm doing much better, thankfully, when I went in I couldn't breath very well and was running a fever.
Bless you.
Hopefully you're doing well now.