I need your views on christianity

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by EmmaDally, May 2, 2010.

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    Im studying photography and for my most recent project, I'm looking at christianity. I need your views.

    What type of clothing would you expect a christian to wear? (especially on a sunday)
    What sort of music would you expect a christian to listen to? or alternatively, what would you NOT expect them to listen to?
    What sort of views and lifestyle would you expect them to have?

    .. and anything else you feel the need to comment on?

    Any views on this would be great and much appreciated.

  2. Stegosaurus

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    Perhaps the question requires a certain level of refining. This presupposes that one's faith generally affects all facets of one's visual lifestyle. In what country does said Christian reside? What gender is said Christian? How old is he/she? Etc... Etc... I think it would be kind of difficult to stereotype "a Christian." The iconography of Christianity is as diverse as the denominations. (i.e. some cannot even agree on Jesus' skin color)
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    Like Steg said, it is an extremely broad spectrum of people you are trying to put in a "style" here. It doesn't exactly work like that. I personally think the question should rather be to Christians asking them what each of them like in the above mentioned areas. I am sure you will get as many diffirent answers as you will get posts. Maybe from there on you can choose how you want to portray "your Christian" for your project?

    So here is my input on your questions.

    I generally go to the youth / young adults service and wear anything I want really. It's very vibey and up beat, so I tend to go in jeans and my normal punkish atire (tattered shirt with black jacket, etc), sometimes with vintage high heels, sometimes with flats.

    Personally I am into Christian Rock, so the likes of Hillsong, Passion, Delirious, etc. As to what a Christian is not expected to listen to, that could be an entire debate on it's own, but to not go into too much detail, the rule of thumb is to look at the artist. If an artists goes out against God openly, rather don't listen to that (although it's not that straight forward). I listen to AC/DC even myself, I listen to most music, I know there has been some house music that made my skin crawl with words like "dance till satan comes". Sorry, it's vague, but I really don't want to get in a huge fight about the music allowed...

    Overall positive. A happy person who cares for all human-kind, loves all of man-kind and is kind in all their actions. Someone who is always willing to listen, help and share what they have. Someone who is never down in live, but either up, or getting up, as they know God is there with them.

    Hope that helps some. Sorry, but it is almost an impossible question to answer!

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