I Need To Go Where?


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If you can be anywhere in the world at this exact moment where would you want to be? Why?
If you want to name 2 that's fine. Sometimes it is hard to decide on a moments notice.


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I need to see the Pacific islands; Hawaii, Easter Island, Bali and then Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia and all the other places i have never been.
Right now I'd like to be in Delaware, as it's been since 2011 that I was last there. I like the coast as well as the rural countryside in the southern part of the state with all it's farm country.


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At the moment I'd like to be in Tahiti enjoying the lovely beach and fresh cocktails then doing a spa thing at my nice hotel.


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I just got back from Colorado and Wyoming. It was pretty amazing. My sister lives on the Big Thompson River - we had Elk visitors in full velvet. The mountains were snow covered. The weather was perfect.
Colorado and Wyoming must be awesome, Impaired.

I've never seen mountains as big as what you get in those two states. I must go there at some point. I'll be missing out if I don't.