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Wii i need some reviews


New Member
anybody here play zelda twilight princess game i finally went out and got the thing but i wanna here some other peoples takes on it first thanx.


New Member
On December 8th 2006, I got the Nintendo Wii with Red Steel and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Although I havn't completed the game yet, Zelda is brilliant.
The game isn't too difficault, but not too easy so I think the difficualty is just right.

The actions are very smooth and the battles are fun, along with a superb soundtrack, composed by Koji Kondo (Composer of Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask).

I like the graphics of Link and the people... although the graphics of the game istelf arn't too brilliant, the game is still brilliant and the graphics... well they're good enough to me.

Anyway, I've almost beat the game and the game is definatly worth buying but one thing I did find a bit of a shame is that the secrets are very easy to find like all Heart Containers and all the golden bugs... they where just too easy and not as much of a challange as Ocarina of Time was but still a great game. *~10/10~*

I hope it helped and I hope you enjoy the game ^_^