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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Maxy_gtr4, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Maxy_gtr4

    Maxy_gtr4 New Member

    :)HI I am new here.
    I played very much games at other people's computers and that created my desire for gaming.
    :urp:But now when I have my own pc i played the most of the games that i wished to have:urp:
    So I am very bored.Some of my boys made me some recomandations for a game to download.:rolleyes: :destination:treasure island
    Yesterday i downloaded it but i finished it in just 3 hours.:sigh:The game is not like i wish it to be.:sigh:
    So PLEEASE make me some recomandations of cool games:

    I like action rpg games and fps.
    Oh and one more thing about the action rpg games:i like the ones that are inserting you in the ephic battles like return of the king or Rise and fall:civilizations at war or Mount & Blade:D:D
    Tank you very much:D

  2. pindra

    pindra New Member


    Have you ever try Dungeon Siege II?? It was the game that I currently playing, and it is a pretty good game to be honest. Just give it a try

  3. Maxy_gtr4

    Maxy_gtr4 New Member

    Thank you very much:D
    A friend has the game on 4 cd-s I may take it so I don't need to download it:rolleyes:
    Thanks again:D:D
    I will play it and I will tell if it is OK:nod:!
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  4. pindra

    pindra New Member

    Don't forget it has the extension as well that called Dungeon Siege II:Broken World
  5. Maxy_gtr4

    Maxy_gtr4 New Member

    The game is c:cool::cool:l !
    It has a lot of secret chambers,secret objects,characters,weapons and the graphics are pretty good!:nod:
    I don't think I will take the expansion it is good like this.:D
    Do you have an yahoo id?
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