I need some outside input


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My mom just burst into my room screaming about how my dad had a half empty bottle of some drug. Now, mind you, my dad is a nurse at a level one trauma center. It's not uncommon for him to carry drugs on him.

She didn't recognize the name (tromethamine). Basically, that's toradol, a pain killer. Technically, a non-steroidal anti inflamitory. I tried to just tell her that he probably gave it to some patient at the beginning of his shift and forgot about it. It's a tiny fucking bottle. But she keeps yelling at me, of all people, about how she thinks that he's doing drugs. I've told her that he most likely wouldn't take the drugs for fear of losing his liscence and everything that comes with it. But she won't listen.


My mom's fucking crazy. What should I do?


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Will it blow over? I mean once she's said what she wanted to say will she let it go or will it come up later?

I agree with you about the nurse/drug thing. I doubt he's stealing drugs just to take them himself. Seems pretty obvious that it was an accident but I guess you can never be sure.

Sounds to me like she's just overreacting pretty hardcore here.


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I'd tell her to sack up and confront him about it. But not in a demeaning way. I'd tell her that if she felt that strongly and was that worried about it... go to the source, see what the deal is.

Most the time if a family member starts pill popping or whatever their attitudes change. If he's actually taking it, which I doubt for the reasons you've established, you're family will notice a change in his mannerisms.


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I'm not sure if this will blow over. Like I said, my mom's fucking crazy. It could go away after today, she could hold it against him forever. I'm really not sure.

But he's already taking rx strength ibuprofen cause he fucked his knee up and hasn't gotten the surgery yet. Still hoping that it'll heal itself. So I can sort of see her side, but come on.

If she doesn't ask him about it when he wakes up, I will. Just show him the bottle and say "mom found this."


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She needs to talk to him about it, or let it blow over, as Hybrix said.

I'm still confused as to why shes yelling at you about it.


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Dude, I'm as confused as you are. I think she's yelling at me cause there's no one else to yell at. And she doesn't want to wake him up. Fuck if I know.


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Has she expressed concern about this before? She wasn't yelling at you so don't get upset, she just really needed to get that off of her chest and she felt comfortable enough to come to you to do it.

I know in the hospitals I have worked at and volunteered at, nurses are not ever, ever, ever, ever, able to carry a bottle of medicine with them. Either a machine despenses the right amount of medication, it comes from the pharmacy, or you have to have a code to get to a bottle and you have to write how much you are taking, for whom, and it has to be shown on the patient's chart.

I mean I hope she would not jump to conclusions off of finding 1 bottle. Hopefully she will just ask him about it and believe him. I would just talk to her calmly ask her if she has reason to believe he is stealing from work or abusing pain killers. Then ask her if she has asked him about it and make sure that she knows to do it calmly and not the way she approached you. Even if he accidentally brought it home she should express her concern that he will get caught with an accident and lose his job and license over a mistake.


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It takes way more than this to make me upset. I posted this cause it's fucking crazy.

True. I'm just trying to avoid the "her expressing her concern" by screaming so loud your ears start bleeding and glass shatters.


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Tell your dad and see what he says.

She should probably just confront her himself. It's not like having a bottle of pills is a huge deal.


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Dude, I'm as confused as you are. I think she's yelling at me cause there's no one else to yell at. And she doesn't want to wake him up. Fuck if I know.

Yeah, I know someone who does that. Just yells at the next living being he sees when he's mad. So you either hide or just bear it (it means you just sit there until the person is too tired to yell - don't say anything, the person is not in the mood for conversation, believe me, it'll just encourage more yelling).