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I need some help!

Ok. I have document files, I saved them without any problems. Now when I go to open them everything i've typed is in all codes, doesn't matter if it's notepad, wordPad, or office Word, and in the selection of encoding that makes it readable nothing makes it readable.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem, those documents were very important, and is there a way to access them to read them and save them?


Problematic Shitlord
What is the file type? .doc? Also, where did you get the files? Did you copy and paste something? Or get it in an email?


Well-Known Member
It may be this simple so try this. I had this happen once.

Run a registry scanner on your computer, sometimes if your registry gets messed up at a few parts it can mess up stuff like this.

I'd recommend EasyCleaner. That'll get hte job done if it's registry related.

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Problematic Shitlord
What program did you write it in? I've never heard of that file type before.

You may need to download additional software to view it, or something to convert it.
I wrote it on MS Office 2007 Word. I had it on a different external HDD, and moved it to a newer one and it worked fine, and now for some odd reason it's doing this.

I've never heard of that file either, I went to google to find programs to translate it, can't find anything to convert it though...
Thanks i'll try that out, but I can open but it's all in code, doesn't matter if it's notePad, wordpad, or office word...even office 2010 word.