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i need some help and info please


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hello folks i am not to good at computor stuff but i am looking to find some info on making my own auction pages with html.and was wondering if anyone has any ideas of wher i can find this info.i know its a dumb question but i just cant seem to find the right stuff.i have bought 2 auction templates from people on ebay but would like to desighn myown if possible.i just bought the auction -o-matic website$ ebay template maker do any of you know about this program or could you sugest a good one thanks for your time and replies


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I really cant help you. though Andrew might be able to get you that information.
I have always used ebay ones.


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The easiest way to do your own auctions with HTML is to use a drag and drop HTML editor like Marcomedia or Frontpage.. then just copy and paste the HTML code. If you need a quick tutorial on how to use some of the editors or basic HTML feel free to give me a holler....

Always willing to help


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Try My HTML Tutorial. It is a very basic one. It will only give you an introduction to the basics of HTML. If you already know some HTML then this one is probably not for you.

There are thousands of other HTML tutorials out there. Just do a google search for "HTML tutorials" and you will get a long list of them (last search was 468,000).
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hello andrew
have you ever heard of or tried the auction-o-matic also how do i go about getting the one you are talking about


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Auction-o-matic? Nope. I do all my auctions manually because I want to make sure everything is perfect. You can get front page at your local Best Buy, CompUSA, or Circuit City. It has many more features than you will need though. Ask the people at the store what you need. You can probably find something for under $40.


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ok i want to thank everyone for your help i will see what i can find in the morning when im in town thanks again this is a great site


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as far as the auction-o-matic program goes...i have no idea, never used it...Its probably more simple than having to use html, but will give you less freedome...just a guess...Microsopht publisher may work for you...but I prefer front page....its easier to and has more options once you are familiar with it. It even gives you prompts for the correct tag once you start typing in html. Try http://www.htmlcodetutorial.com/ for a start...it lists all the major tags and what changes they cause. If you have no understanding of html as of yet...it may be helpful to view the source of pages you like..to get an idea of how they are composed. To do this you right click on the site and then view source...it can look very confusing...but will help you get a feel for it. Just don't copy and paste from sites because you may be violating copyrights. btw...once you start trying to include pictures using html...you have to have them stored somewhere on the internet first...there are multiple free sites that do it...www.geocities.com (which also has free editing software)is one of them, but it can be a little flaky, i should know its what i use and i'm too lazy to transfer the files