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I need new cd recommendations.



I'm looking to buy or possibly download some new cds. I'm looking for some fresh new music to listen to. I'm really starting to get into to Vocal Trance and Breakbeat. My Favorite Breakbeat cds are Adam freeland - on tour, Dj baby anne - I'm about to break, The Crystal Method - Vegas (I know its not considered breakbeat), and Dj baby anne - in the mix. I'm working on getting the rest of dj baby anne's albums currently so no need to suggest those. If anyone else on the forums like this kind of music please go ahead and post what you like to listen to.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I am not really in that type of music....but I have a few friends who are DJ's and they keep telling me to download some Farey Corson.....supposly he's top 3 DJ in the world


wow, have enough sig images lol

i say you go out and buy soem Iron Maiden ASAP!!!