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I Need Help!


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Ok, they pulled my Auctions. Im at a loss as to what to do next. They said my Auctions were in violation of the "charity" rules.

Non-MissionFish listings

1. Sellers may only list items on behalf of a charity if the charity has provided advance written consent for the solicitation. To prove that you have obtained that consent, you must include a scanned copy of the consent in the listing.
2. Sellers may only solicit on behalf of recognized 501c3 or 501c4 charitable organizations.

MissionFish listings

1. Sellers may only list items via MissionFish on eBay that meet the MissionFish listing guidelines, including the guidelines designed to obtain advance consent from the charities.
2. Sellers may only solicit on behalf of recognized 501c3 or 501c4 charitable organizations.

This is what I had written:
I only ask for you help if you are comfortable financially in life and can spare some of your wealth.
If you make a contribution to my cause, then you will recieve a nice new Bible to keep or pass on to someone as a gift. If you would like, you can make a contribution in memory of someone and I will mail the Bible to anyone of your choice and send a card along with it informing them of your "donation in memory of".
You can also make a donation in memory of someone and have me send the Bible along with a card letting them know of your donation to a friend or family member.

Because it is in violation of the above guidelines, your listing has been ended early. All associated fees have been credited to your account.

This notice is based solely upon review of the aforementioned listing. We encourage you to review all of your listings to ensure full compliance to our guidelines.

I'm not sure how to list this now.........

Any Suggestions?


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You were asking for contributions. They wont allow that. You have to sell the bible. Its hard to get the reasons in there without them pulling the auction. Thats why on my casino chip I didnt mention a thing about why I was doing it. But my Press release does. I linked to the press release ;)


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Press release? So if I resubmit my Auction and just sell the Bible, but maybe tell them to check out my about me page for the reason for my auction that would be ok?

I just dont see how anyone would be interested enough without telling them some of why i was doing this to even go read my story.

I am rewriting the story of what all happened (giving more detail) and when I am done I'm going to try and figure out how to make this auction work.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas and would like to help me I would greatly appreciate it. I know you all get asked for help ALL THE TIME, but I REALLY want this to work. *rolling eyes* what am I saying EVERYONE wants their ideas to work! Anyway, when i am done maybe we can disucss my idea and if it might work.

Thanks to all my AS friends for being here for me and all the help!!!


OK I rewrote my "about me" page on Ebay. My story of all this is better written and makes more sense. Click on my info on here and it give you the link.

Now, I am tring to figure out how to get people intersted in reading my about me page without being in violation with Ebay codes!!

If I put a catchy title, put that I;m selling a Bible and it has to do with my Husbands murder, to please read my about me page to get the full details, would that be still violating the rules?
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they allowed me to include the phrase "i'm a college student in need of extra spending money." Maybe you can word yours in a similar manner....sell the bible, but at the same time explain why you want to sell the bible and what you plan to do with the money....just leave out words like donate etc. That would probably be ok, ebay is too picky sometimes


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Yeah, you should be able to do it that way, Ebay can be stupid sometimes, sorry the pulled your auctions.


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Well I understand Ebay is a business and we have to go by the rules. I relisted it different and I'm kinda proud of myself! Think I did pretty good.......course we'll see how it goes........

I'm feeling a bit better, I had a good lunch with a wonderful man and he put a smile on my face. :)

I KNOW I KNOW!! Us women are complicated!!! :)